What is the address I should send my contribution to?
The address will be revealed to you once you complete a basic registration process. All we can say is it ends with ...4DaF.
A member of Winding Tree team reached out to me personally via Telegram/Email/Other Channel, claiming that they have a better, faster and more secure server just for me. They also promised me a huge bonus. It sounds very compelling!
Can I send ETH from an exchange?
No, you risk to lose your money! You should only send ETH to the ICO smart contract from a wallet that can receive ERC20 tokens, like MyEtherWallet.
I ignored your guide and didn't read Terms and Conditions and sent money from an exchange. What now?
We are sorry. The only way to receive your ETH back is to invalidate your KYC by editing your profile and providing a fake ETH address that wouldn't match any transactions we've received, e.g. 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead. In this case your contribution will be sent to the address it originated from.
The exchange I sent ETH from doesn't reuse ETH addresses!
We are sorry, but your tokens are now lost.
I used 100,000 gas, but the transaction got rejected.
Please try higher gas amount, perhaps up to 500,000. You also have to set Gas price, see next question. If you use less than 100,000 gas, your transaction will fail (example of failed transaction). If, on the other hand, you use the right gas limit (100,000 or more) and appropriate gas price, you'll be all set (example of good transaction).
My transaction is not confirming for hours
The gas price you used (was it 1 Gwei?) was not enough for a faster confirmation. Please wait. It will either confirm or cancel. Allow for up to 30 minutes. Please consult ETH Gas Station for recommended gas price values. Set gas price to 40 Gwei if you want a quick confirmation.
Is there a minimum for contribution? A maximum?
There is no minimum, but if you send over 15ETH you will have to take an additional step confirming your identity.
I've contrubited in the presale in November, I sent ETH from an ERC20-compatible wallet. How do i claim my tokens?
There is nothing you need to do. The tokens will appear in your wallet automatically.
Do i have to add custom token to MEW?
We're working with MEW to support Líf natively. In the meantime, you can add a custom token with these parameters. Contract address: 0xEB9951021698B42e4399f9cBb6267Aa35F82D59D (also available via token.windingtree.eth or lif.windingtree.eth), symbol: LIF, decimals: 18.
How can I check my token balance?
We recommend using etherscan.io or ethplorer.io.
My token balance on the contribution status page is "0", while the transaction was definitely confirmed.
Have you entered the wallet address you sent ETH from? It should match! If they do, check Etherscan and Ethplorer, if tokens are in your wallet, you have nothing to worry about. Perhaps one of your browser extensions is interfering.
I've sent more than 15ETH and I already have tokens. And I didn't have to go through any KYC nonsense. You fools, muahahaha!
We will refund ETH and burn LIF for all transactions that we don't have the appropriate level of KYC check for.
9,000 ETH were raised but 18,000,000 Líf was generated? The math doesn't make sense if 1 ETH = 1,000 LIF.
You almost got us! The reason for this discrepancy is that we've already raised around 5,000 ETH in the presale (when ETH was $300 apiece). We've already spent a good part of that round that amounted to $1.5M. We don't count ETH we raised in the presale towards the ICO total, but we have to account for the LIF. We also count the 20+5% that the foundation will receive, according to our white paper.
I still have unanswered questions
ICO? Join our Telegram chat. Technical? Rocket Chat or check out our Github.
When will the MVM start? What would be the price?
MVM or Market Validation Mechanism will start after we unfreeze the token, which will happen after all the KYC verifications are done, which may take up to one week. The MVM and the math behind it are described in our blog. We have recalculated the amount of ETH that will be available in the MVM based on the ETH rate at the end of the ICO: $915/ETH.